Corporate Valuation: Tools for Effective Appraisal and Decision-Making Издательство: McGraw-Hill Твердый переплет, 350 стр ISBN 1-55623-730-8 инфо 8188z.

Corporate Valuation is the first book to show you how to rethink the investment process today and into the 21st Century, showing how strategies for measuring value should combine the science of business appraiбцалкsal with the art of perceived value But how do you predict value? Author Bradford Cornell provides detailed examples to illustrate the best practices to measure and predict value This book bridges the gap between finance theory and business valuation to give you a prвегшкoven tool for comparing various valuation techniques, determining which is best for your needs and using it to your profitable advantage! Автор Брэдфорд Корнелл Bradford Cornell.